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Project Link

Client: Moffit Cancer Center H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center, as part of the University of South Florida, had gotten a large donation from the Department of Defense, which was used by the Multimedia Department (where I used to work) for research and smoking studies. The project needed a name and since “Project Quit” was already…

The Tax Gals

Back in 2014, a team of dedicated tax professionals, joined forces to offer year-round bookkeeping tax return services in the San Diego North County. As Tax Gals took off, they made the wise decision to build their brand, with a goal to become the next household name in Tax and Business Service. Soon after working…

Boku Joy Logo

Boku Joy

Boku Joy, a tea, bath and essential oils natural supplier, approached us to create their whole branding campaign, including vinyl banners, VIP cards, brochures and stack card?? We learned a lot about Teas and how their are classified according to the process they are put through. Their loyal clientelle….

Khyber Pass Gallery Details

Khyber Pass

Khyber Pass Khyber Pass Gallery is an unique shop for hand woven antique area rugs, kilims, and collectible jewelry. To depict the symbolism and tradition that Khyber Pass’ ancient art represents, we chose a color scheme that would not compete with their own collectible color richness. Since Rug cleaning, repair, appraisals and rentals is an…

Newlife Cleaners logo

NewLife Cleaners

NewLife Cleaners NewLife Cleaners commissioned us to work on their new look to go with their new decor, following their major renovation at their Encinitas location. From their window signs and van’s wraps, to their magnetic signs and marketing collateral, we got to design a total new look for their business. While NewLife Cleaners wanted…

zonabrazil logo

Zona Brazil Project

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